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Disbursement funding for civil litigation claims
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Novitas has created an innovative funding product to allow customers and law firms to fund the growing cost of third party disbursements. These can include medical reports, GP reports, ATE premiums, court fees and associated costs. Too many firms are constrained by cash-flow and unable to issue on the number of cases they need to.

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This off-balance sheet, ATE backed product allows the disbursements to be paid as they occur whilst still making cases no-win, no-fee. The funding solution covers a high range of Civil Litigation work, such as Cavity Wall, Mortgage Mis-selling, Holiday Sickness, Road Traffic Accidents, Noise-induced Hearing Loss and Public Liability claims.


Key benefits

  • CCA client loan to pay third party disbursements
  • Wide range of disbursements covered, including issue fees
  • Backed with ATE, nothing for client to pay if case loses
  • Loan unserviced so ‘no-win, no-fee’
  • Off-balance for the law firm
  • No PG or security needed from the law firm

This unique facility will:

  • Allow cases to be issued when required, not constrained by cash-flow
  • Improve law firm cash-flow position and ultimately allow the law firm to take on more clients

What our clients say.

We are delighted that Novitas have introduced this innovative new lending product for contested probate matters. The loan enables genuine claimants to gain access to justice at a time of great emotional difficulty.

Martin Holdsworth, Partner, Jones Myers

Novitas provides an invaluable service to family law practitioners and clients where immediate cashflow is a problem. I would recommend Novitas without hesitation.

Emma Harte, Partner, Alexiou Fisher Philipps

We have used Novitas to fund a number of cases. They have been very efficient, easy and responsive to deal with and we have every intention of using them again.

Roger Cobden-Ramsay, Partner, Harcus Sinclair

You have been an absolute life-saver for me over these last two very difficult years. Your service and commitment have been unwavering and I am in no doubt that using Noivtas has given me a much better outcome from my divorce. I cannot thank you enough.

Mrs B, client of Osbourne's Solicitors

Novitas provides a wide range of useful products and a prompt, efficient and user friendly service, and as such are rightly regarded as a market leader.

Julian Ribert, Partner, Levison Meltzer Pigott

Having Novitas has changed the way in which we do business. It enables us to give a better service to our clients and it gives our clients peace of mind knowing that they can afford advice and representation.

Frances Lindsay, Partner, Mediator, Collaborative Practitioner, Famly Arbitrator

Many wives are forced into unfair deals because their husbands run them out of money. On the other hand, husbands who know their wives can afford good lawyers tend to go for a quick and fair deal. Within funding from Novitas, you can change the dynamics.

Justin Moss, Partner, Moss Fallon