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Advancing paid disbursements on
won cases

When a case has admitted liability, and the outstanding issue is over quantum of the claim, Novitas will provide a loan to advance to the law firm the previously paid disbursements on the case. On certain of these cases, we will also advance future disbursements.


This allows law firms to free-up significant cash-flow to fund earlier stage cases and fund disbursements such as court fees. As the loan is for later stage cases, it also shortens the duration of the loan, lowering the cost. Please note that this is a loan to the firm, so security will be required.

Key benefits

  • Improved cash-flow – no need to wait for the case to settle to get paid
  • Simple administration - on-line system; just select case and the amount to draw
  • Fast payment - money received within 72 hrs from request
  • Flexible - funding provided as a facility, draw down on a case by case basis
  • Simple commercials – fixed admin fee per case, interest taken monthly