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Client questions

    What can I use the loan for?

    Your loan is used solely to pay your solicitor’s fees and any related costs, for example a barrister or forensic accountant. We fund a range of legal cases, including family law, probate, clinical negligence and civil litigation.

    How do I take out a Novitas loan?

    The first step is a conversation with your solicitor to see if the loan is appropriate for your circumstances. If you choose to go ahead, your solicitor will complete and submit an online application on your behalf.

    What do I have to repay?

    You will have to repay the amount lent, plus interest which is fixed at 1.5% per month and calculated only on what you have drawn down from your loan, not the whole amount. This is due when your case completes and settlement is made.

    For clinical negligence, family and probate cases there are other costs associated, including a set up fee of £500 (or 1% of the loan). We also ask you to take separate independent legal advice to ensure you fully understand the implications of the loan (est. £300).

    There is no minimum loan period, no exit charges and no minimum interest charge.

    In clinical negligence cases we operate a no-win, no-fee policy. An insurance policy will cover your costs if your case is unsuccessful.

    Does my solicitor work with Novitas?

    Your solicitor will work with us to process your application, and thereafter is required to keep us informed about any material changes to your case, and to make the loan repayment from your settlement before passing the remainder to you.

    Your solicitor is independent from Novitas, so receives no financial incentive from Novitas and cannot recommend us to you. 

    Our loan service is one funding option available for you to consider, and only you can decide to go ahead.