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Solicitors: Clinical negligence

Working with Novitas

    What agreement is in place between the firm and Novitas?

    A framework agreement is put in place between your firm and Novitas. This is a Global Terms agreement so is only signed once and will cover any loans Novitas makes to your clients under this scheme

    What undertakings does the solicitor give?

    You are required to repay the loan from any proceeds of settlement before passing on the remainder to the client.  Your client will give you permission for this by signing a deed of assignment with Novitas.

    You must keep Novitas notified of any material changes in the case. Material changes are defined in the agreement and your client will sign an irrevocable undertaking to allow this.

    A partner must approve each loan application sent to Novitas.

    Does the firm have to give a financial undertaking?

    No. The security for the funding is in the form of a deed of assignment by the client over the proceeds of the case.

    How do we access the scheme?

    Access to the Novitas scheme is only available to firms with an experienced clinical negligence practice. The solicitor firm must sign the Global Terms with Novitas, after which they will be provided access to the Novitas online solicitor portal, where they can add and administer the funding facility.

    The agreement includes the following undertakings:

    • to only use the scheme for cases you believe meet the lending criteria
    • to inform Novitas of any material change in the case that may impact its ability to recover the loan
    • to pay Novitas from any proceeds you receive as part of the settlement, before you send the outstanding balance to the client.

    Once you have read these FAQs, if you are interested in the scheme then please contact Novitas for an initial discussion and to arrange a meeting.