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Solicitors: Family law

Working with Novitas

    What agreement is in place between the firm and Novitas?

    A framework agreement is put in place between your firm and Novitas. This is a global terms agreement so is only signed once and will cover any loans Novitas makes to your clients under this scheme.

    The agreement includes the following undertakings: 

    • to only use the scheme for cases you believe meet the lending criteria
    • to inform Novitas of any material change in the case that may impact its ability to recover the loan. Material changes are defined in the agreement and your client will sign an irrevocable undertaking to allow this
    • to provide regular case updates when requested
    • to pay Novitas from any proceeds you receive as part of the settlement, before passing on the remainder in accordance with your client’s instructions. Your client will give you permission for this by signing a deed of assignment with Novitas

    There is no financial undertaking from either the solicitor or the firm. The loan is between Novitas and your client.

    There is no cost to the solicitor to join the scheme.

      Is funding capped by firm or case?

      There is no lending cap per firm. Each case will have its own cap which is determined by the details and assets available in the case.

      Can I recommend a Novitas loan?

      A Novitas loan can be presented as an option for your client to consider. We will provide information for you to provide to your client on how the loan works, clearly stating that you are not recommending it. We will also send our FAQs to your client when they apply for their loan.

      In our experience, some firms have added a section to the client care letter saying that they are an approved firm and for further information directing them to the Novitas client FAQs.