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Solicitor questions

    How do we work with Novitas?

    If your firm is not already a Novitas partner you will need to sign a practice level agreement detailing global terms with Novitas. This details our process for loan agreements and includes certain non-financial undertakings that you will give. After that, your clients can apply for Novitas loans to cover the cost of proceedings to give them access to the legal representation they need.

    What is the loan management system?

    The Novitas loan management portal allows you to manage all aspects of your loans, including new applications, drawing down funds, generating redemption statements and the repayment of loans. 

    Key benefits:

    • ease of administration – all products are accessed from the same web page
    • flexibility – you can set different levels of permission for different solicitors
    • control – you can request an extra partner approver for drawdown requests over an agreed amount
    • extensive management information – access to a full suite of reports that allow you to understand all aspects of your Novitas lending

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    What products do you offer?

    Novitas can fund family cases, including divorce and custody cases; contentious probate, such as inheritance or provision for family and dependants; clinical negligence cases and a range of civil litigation cases.

    Family law

    Contentious probate

    Clinical negligence

    Civil litigation

    What undertakings does our firm give?

    You are required to repay the loan from any proceeds of settlement before passing on the remainder to the client and you must keep Novitas notified of any material changes in the case. Material changes are defined in the agreement and your client will sign an irrevocable undertaking to allow this.

    Can I recommend Novitas?

    No, you cannot recommend Novitas.  A Novitas loan should be presented as one option for your client to consider.  We will provide information for your client on how the loan works clearly stating that you are not recommending it.

    Who will you lend to?

    We will lend to clients with an acceptable credit history and who have a lump sum available to repay the loan e.g. from the disposal of a property or other settlement. 

    How are the loan payments made?

    Once the loan has been approved and the cooling off period is complete, you can make an online request, via our solicitor portal, for an amount of money to be drawndown against the facility.  Once you make the request an email is sent to your client for them to confirm that Novitas can release the funds to you. The money is paid directly into your firm's client account.