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Helping you

Simple finance for your legal costs

Novitas Loans is no longer accepting new applications for litigation loans. 

We will continue to support our existing customers and process drawdowns against existing loans. We will also continue to consider applications for extension funding.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us on 0333 321 6070. If you wish to discuss funding options for your case please contact your solicitor.

Access to legal representation you can feel confident about

A Novitas loan gives you a pre-approved source of funds that your solicitor can access to pay for your legal costs, as and when needed – and only with your approval.

Funds available from start to finish

The money is available for the entire duration of your legal proceedings, from the very beginning to the final hearing. Interest is only applied when you start to use the loan, and only on the amount you actually use. Interest is applied at a simple, fixed rate and there’s nothing to pay back until your case is completed.

Our independence

Our lending service is completely independent and solicitors do not receive any financial incentive from us.