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Clinical negligence

Novitas loans can empower clients and law firms to fund a range of clinical negligence cases.

We recognise that these types of proceedings typically leave many law firms with significant working capital tied up in cases. Novitas can help improve cash flow.

By using a Novitas loan, the cost of legal disbursements can be funded off of your firm’s balance sheet. The loan facility belongs to the client and the solicitor simply draws down funds as and when needed to fund any associated legal disbursements.

Repayment of the loan is from the proceeds of the case, with no recourse to the firm’s assets. Even if the case is not successful, it is backed by ATE insurance so all of the client’s repayment is covered.

Repayments covered, win or lose

  • CCA (Consumer Credit Act) client loan to fund disbursements associated with the case
  • Includes insurance to meet repayment if the case is lost
  • No need for the client or solicitor to service the loan
  • Open-ended loan term, use funds as and when needed
  • Unlimited draw downs, up to the loan limit

Benefits for your firm

  • Improved cash flow – no need to use your own money to fund cases
  • Off-balance sheet lending
  • Ability to take on more clients
  • Upfront payment of third parties like medical experts, allowing you to strengthen relationships
  • Simple administration and fast payment, all online