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Family law

A loan for your legal costs, so you can focus on what matters.

Novitas Loans is no longer accepting new applications for family litigation loans. 

We will continue to support our existing customers and process drawdowns against existing loans. We will also continue to consider applications for extension funding.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us on 0333 321 6070. If you wish to discuss funding options for your case please contact your solicitor.

A straightforward loan you can trust

A Novitas loan is different from most standard loans

  • Your solicitor will take care of the process for you, managing the application and payment of legal costs from your loan (with your approval)
  • Unlike a bank loan, interest is charged only on what you use, not the full amount
  • Lending rate that is fixed for the whole duration of the loan
  • In divorce cases, the loan can be treated as a ‘joint asset and finance’ and reflected in your final settlement, unlike a loan from family or friends

How your loan works

  • Application

If you believe that a loan is appropriate for you, your solicitor will complete and submit an application to us on your behalf. You will be asked to approve this by email.

  • Approval

Before your loan is approved we ask you to take independent advice from another solicitor to make sure you understand the loan and the implications if you don’t repay.

  • Funds released

Funds to pay invoices are requested by your solicitor and only released with your approval, giving you full visibility of your spending. You can use the loan at any point in the proceedings, as and when needed. The interest rate is fixed for the whole length of the loan, not compounded. You'll receive regular statements showing exactly what funds are being drawn.

  • Repayment

When your case is concluded, repayment is made from your final settlement. Typically this means your solicitor will repay Novitas first from any proceeds before sending you the remaining amount.