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Clinical negligence

A Novitas loan can help you pursue your claim.

Novitas Loans is no longer accepting new applications for clinical negligence litigation loans. 

We will continue to support our existing customers and process drawdowns against existing loans. We will also continue to consider applications for extension funding.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us on 0333 321 6070. If you wish to discuss funding options for your case please contact your solicitor.

No-win, no-fee

In the case of a successful claim, repayment is made from any award granted, while in the event of a loss, you have peace of mind that the loan is covered by insurance.

Straightforward, practical lending

  • Convenient – funds are drawn down to cover legal costs as and when needed
  • Empowering – enables access to a wider range of experts for your case
  • Protected – includes insurance to cover repayment, even if the case is lost

How your loan works

  • Application

If your solicitor believes a Novitas loan is appropriate for your circumstances, they'll submit an application to us on your behalf.

  • Insurance

An insurance policy will be arranged for you which will repay the loan if your case is unsuccessful.

  • Funds released

Your solicitor will draw down money from your loan to pay expenses related to your case. You’ll receive regular statements showing exactly what funds are being drawn.

  • Repayment

If your case is successful your loan is repaid from your settlement and the remainder is passed to you. If your case is not successful your insurance policy covers the repayment and you do not pay anything.